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Sun Jan 30 19:27:04 EST 1994

In article <2ihgo3$o8m at>, viancour at (Dr. Terry A. Viancour (BIOL)) writes:
> I wholly support Cory's pioneering efforts.  We must keep in mind,
> however, that his 8th grade science class is just one of the first of
> hundreds of middle school and high school science classes which should,
> and will, make full use of internet resources. 
> If it is the norm that student posts to the "professional" group have been
> informally refereed, then such posts are likely to receive the attention
> of everyone, including those who now ignore student questions. 

J. Cheeseman has just posted (to bionet.plants) his course project for
his university students: "design a plant"...  The project sounds intriguing,
and he's encouraging them to use internet resources... thus the "warning"
from the prof that we're likely to see some questions.

I like that approach.  I'm teaching an economic botany course this term,
and would like to introduce my students to the wealth & diversity of internet
resources... while at the same time telling them that "please send all
information you have on cotton" will incur my instant wrath...  Hm...  guess
it's time to make a list of the newsgroups that some of my students
are likely to try...

I've also made copies of the excellent Biologist's Guide to Internet
Resources, as a starting point for my students.

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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