Dealing w/ Student Questions

Una Smith una at
Mon Jan 31 14:57:38 EST 1994 already serves the role of a forum in which lay-persons and
students can ask general, common-interest questions.  And it is now
monitored by a number of biologists who routinely take the time to 
offer thoughtful, careful responses.  Keith Robison has been a very
regular participant.  I encourage other interested bionet.general
readers to check in there on occasion, as a public service, or just
out of curiosity.

As educators, we're all fairly experienced with the task of helping
students to answer their questions without giving answers away, in
that we want students to learn to think, not just to accumulate facts.
Even before Usenet existed, there was the potential for students to
ask others for help on exams.  As for anarchy on the Internet, social
convention is a very powerful thing, thus it is important above all
to set a good example.

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