Non-serious help needed.

Dennis Stockert rqdms at
Mon Jan 31 12:50:00 EST 1994

Neal Crankshaw writes...
>exhausted our own resources, we humbly turn to the net for help. If you have 
>an especially apt slogan or idea for a design or picture, we would really 
>appreciate you sharing it with us.

How about:

    Biochemistry -- The stuff your dreams are made of  (thought I'd mention
                    the classy one first ... :)
    Biochemists do it with a lot of thought
    Biochemistry -- The most fun I've ever had without chemical assistance
    My Petry or yours ??    (Petrie??)


    A guy or gal mixing a drink in a beaker  (perhaps to go with the third
                                              slogan above)

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