Dealing w/ Student Questions

David Doak doak at
Mon Jan 31 08:44:11 EST 1994

It must very satisfying to be confident that one knows everything
about a subject and therefore any questions or ideas originating 
from students are not worthy of even the tiny amount of time 
required to at least consider them.

The STUDENT POST header is a wonderful idea...

Why not have other designations in the subject line:

GRADUATE POST for ill informed witterings from people who
              managed to scrape through their first degree.

POST-DOC POST for ill informed witterings from people who
              managed get a doctorate by producing sub-standard

PROFESSOR POST for ill informed pontification from people who
               should be grateful that the Internet exists and
               its philosophy of open access is something to be 
               encouraged rather than suppressed.

Perhaps a mailing list is the answer:

            SUBSCRIBE now to BIONET.GODS

 - for intelligent discussion with the world's top researchers who
never (oh goodness no, not even when they were students) ask stupid
           David Doak       CANCER: You will submit your thesis                  
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