Dealing w/Student questions: a reply

Steven Roy Daviss sdaviss at COSY.AB.UMD.EDU
Sun Jan 30 16:53:06 EST 1994

I agree with the posters who have pointed out the importance of getting
youngsters excited about science.  That's a basic issue that most would
agree is an important one.  I guess the dilemma is about how to not
discourage them by firing off a stinging note about adding to the
noise on the net, while maintaining a (relatively) high signal-to-noise
	I think prefixing the header with STUDENT POST or some such is a
good idea, but I agree with the previous poster who stated it would be
difficult to enforce.  As many (most?) of these seem to come thru a
teacher's email address, perhaps the teachers could be the
enforcers/screeners/"kind souls".  As for the header, it would simply be a
matter of deleting them from the index (not all of us have a mechanism to
screen out messages that contain specified text).
	Regarding the other option--a separate newsgroup/list--I know of  
at least one attempt to create such a list.  Deborah Colbern, at UCLA
(ibtidlc at, has recently submitted a grant that would
create just such a group.  She described the project in a poster at the
November 1993 Neuroscience meeting.  She was calling it BEEM, but I don't
recall what it stands for.  The idea was (in a nutshell) to create a group
where elementary school students can ask neuroscientists about the nervous
	AND A RELATED POINT--> Someone had mentioned Bioethics and had
linked it to this discussion (about students).  I just thought I'd mention
the existence of a Biomedical Ethics discussion list (BIOMED-L) at 


(PS: Is anyone else getting 3-4 copies of messages for the past several days?)

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