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> Subject: student question-tide pools
>> I would also like to know what different tide zones starfish
>> and anenomes live in.
> Why not go to the shore and find out?

I know it's odd to comment to my own posting but I seem to have inadvertently
caused offence - I didn't mean to. I was just trying to be concise.
(It had been a *long* day at work). So I'd like to apologise id I seemed

I agree that it might be hard to get all the information needed about
starfish from a few visits.  And I'm glad that the students are getting their
vists to the field (after all that's where the animals are!).

OTOH sea anenomes don't move much (:-), and they are easy to identify, so I
guess most students could get a good idea of their zoning from a few hours

Yesterday I took my daughter to the Horniman museum in London where there is
a small aquarium containing sea anenomes. I overheard somebody else's child
ask their parent "what's that?". The answer was "some kind of flower". The
world certainly needs good education & I'm glad to hear that your class is
getting it!

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