viewing postscript files on a macintosh

Ramesh Errabolu errabolu at
Fri Jul 1 16:15:31 EST 1994

Hai folks, I have a question for which I am trying to get an answer.
I don't use macintosh much even word processors. I have created some
graphic files on a VAX/VMS platform in postscript format. I have been
able to succesfully print these files a postscript laserprinter. However
the program LaserWriter Utility doesn't the function to dump it onto the
screen. I would like to know which program would be able to print the
graphic file (postscript) onto the screen.

I have tried using Adobe photoshop version 3.o1 ?
I have also tried the latest version of Canvas.
I tried to import the file into microsoft Word 5.1 using
the picture function but no success.

I would therefore appreciate anybody out there who would be kind
enough to tell me which program would do the job and also some 
essential keys to do it. 

The data is good because 1. the laserwriter utility prints it
			 2. the silicon graphics program xps also 
			    prints very well to the screen.

If anybody has a suggestion please drop me a mail.
Ramesh Errabolu ( graduate student )
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