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Fri Jul 1 12:08:13 EST 1994

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Paul Schlosser <SCHLOSSER at ciit.org> wrote:
>The purpose of copyrights is not to keep information secret, but to
>assure that those who foot the bill for distributing information receive

   Sounds good, but doesn't hold up. Journal make page charges to the
grants of researchers. The journals are usually also supported by research
organizations that have independant budgets. And there is the further
source of income from ads and subscriptions which are fantastically high,
particularly institutional subscriptions. The journals shouldn't have much
difficulty remaining afloat.
  The copyright is retained bacuase they can generate additional income
from selling the abstracts to companies that provide on-line search
capability and such. 
  The net effect is that they limit access to the information. It would
be more availible, more efficient, and cost less money (to government grants)
if medline and such were free services.


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