Gram Stain

Norman Suguitan suguitan at
Fri Jul 1 20:37:24 EST 1994

When I flood a smear with crystal violet, is it better to just
concentrate on the smear, and don't bother dropping crystal
violet on the whole slide?

Secondly, how do I know when to stop decolorizing the stain.  Most
of the time, I just count 30 seconds and stop decolorizing.  Sometimes,
I could decolorize too much or not enough.  Do I decolorize the stain
directly, or just drop the alcohol on the side of the slide?

Another question.  What's the best technique in determining by looking
at a hanging drop slide, if the bacteria has motility, or movement seen
is just Brownian motion.  Do you actually see the bacteria moving?


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