Bacterial lag phase

dmcbbap dmcbbap at
Fri Jul 1 19:54:43 EST 1994

Dear net people,
               I have been working on lag phase of bacterial growth.
What i need is a compound or treatment that leads to extension of the
lag phase but does NOT affect growth rate. I am not interested in
"apparent" lag i.e. using a regime that results in cell death followed
by outgrowth of a resistant sub-population. Compounds that lead to late
exit from lag by all cells in a population is what i am after. I have
already done this using agonists/ antagonists of kinases; the result
being that i can extend and/or limit the lag phase, even in nutrient
rich cultures. I can even induce lag in exponentially growing cultures.
Are there reports of anything similar?
                 Thanks for your help!
                -Barry, U.C., LONDON, UK-

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