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>does anyone have info on the subject matter covered in this test? i assume

If you're taking the GRE's, get the Barron's guides.  They're the professionals
and it really does work.  I have no connection with the company.  I especially
advise studying for the "analytical" part of the test (the silly logic problems
).  After taking four practice tests, and doing little else but read where I
went wrong, I went from a 510 on the first practice to 800's on the last two.
I also got an 800 on the real thing.  It's all a trick; once you know the
format, and the underlying assumption that there IS an easy answer, you can ace
it --- otherwise you run out of time!  I can't tell you as much about the
subject test because I took the old "biology" version, but I should say that I
spent <24 hours with a plant biology book learning vocabulary and boosted my
practice scores massively.  [I had not taken a plant biology course --- this
didn't matter!!]  This probably won't apply directly to you, though.
   Remember, the GRE's are *NOT* a test of your intelligence, or of your
knowledge!  They are a test of whether you are willing to study for them!
Which, considering the irrelevance and low quality of much undergraduate
education, may really be the better test anyway...

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