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> btw does anyone know what happened to bionet.microbiology?
> One day it appeared and two days later it vanished.

BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY has been up and functional for the past week and
1/2, after it was voted into existence by an overwhelming and
incredible majority of 357 YES to 2 NO votes.
I have been told that many interested people cannot receive the
newsgroup via their local newsserver, probably because it has not yet
been added to the list by their local news-aministrator. The best way
to go is to contact your local newsadministrator to request that
bionet.microbiology is to be added to the list. 
Everyone else in the AMERICAS AND THE PACIFIC RIM who has no access to
a newsserver and wishes to subscribe to bionet.microbiology can send an
e-mail to 

biosci-server at 

with the following text in THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE:

subscribe microbio

If you are located in EUROPE, AFRICA, OR CENTRAL ASIA and wish to
subscribe to bionet.microbiology, send an e-mail to

MXT at

with the following test in THE BODY OF THE MESSAGE:

SUB bionet-news.bionet.microbiology

Dave Kristofferson has prepared an excellent info sheet on the
BIOSCI/bionet newsgroups which gives many useful hints concerning
subscribing/unsubscribing to newsgroups and much more. This "frequently
asked questions" file is a MUST for everyone, especially if you are new
to network news. This file can be retrieved by e-mail by including the

info faq

in the body of an e-mail message addressed to the e-mail address

biosci-server at

Hope this helps,


                        Martin Latterich
                        BIONET.MICROBIOLOGY Discussion Leader
                        micro at

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