Monocular colorblindness

Matti Haack Matti at
Fri Jul 1 04:17:00 EST 1994

> >
> >An interesting question.

> Perhaps one to follow up,
> my eyes are also slightly different, one a little bluish,
> the other a little redish  (all relative, since one doesn't
> really know what is normal...).
> I think that many people may have that, but just never notice.

During an morphologie-course at university, my nighbour told me, while he  
was looking through a mono-occular-microscope (before, we ever used  
binoculars) that he either has diffrent eyes or he is going mad from this  
course. With one eye, the view was very much brighter than with the other  
- and the coulors seemed different. I couldn`t belive, because I never  
recognized this effects with me. This friend has normal eyes, he didn`t  
need glasses. Strange. Excuse my english.

                 ciao. Matti

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