Writers need for new electronic Black paper

David A Hosten ao826 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Mon Jul 4 22:42:48 EST 1994

This is a call for writers to submit articles, interviews, profiles and
editorials to a new international Black electronic newspaper/magazine.

It is to be published monthly, and will be delivered, by subscription, to
e-mail accounts.

At present contributors are sought to cover the areas of science, law,
business, politics, technology, academia, arts and entertainment in their
regions/countries. As the paper grows, contributors will be needed to
provide further aspects of the trade including reviews and lifestyle articles.

The aim of the paper/magazine is to provide a global context to black
experience. The idea being that the Black experience is multifaceted and
not restricted to Africa, North America and the West Indies. People of
colour live, aand are occupied, in an extremely wide range of
professions in all parts of the world. It will be part of our mandate to
report on some of these people and the places where they can be

Every attempt will be made to provide unbiased and accurate reporting. The
news may be original research or may be reprinted (with permission) from
local news agencies in different parts of the world.

Articles are to be submitted to an editor, and will be published with the
authors name.

Please send a short bio of yourself, your qualifications, and your
particular interest in writing for the paper to:

ao826 at freenet.carleton.ca

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