'Excitons" Symposium, July 8th, Imperial College, London

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	The Centre for Photomolecular Sciences, at Imperial College, London, is
	holding a one day symposium, entitled 'EXCITONS',  on Friday, July 8th,
	from 10.30  to 17.50.   The speakers will be Prof Robert Knox, University
	of Rochester;  Prof R van Grondelle, Free University of Amsterdam;  Dr
	James Durrant of I.C.;  Prof Douwe A Wiersma, University of Groningen;
	Prof J-P Lemaistre, Universit=E9 P.et M. Curie;  Prof Heiz B=E4ssler,
	Phillips-Universit=E4t Marburg;   Prof John Hegarty, University of Dublin;
	Dr Richard Phillips, University of Cambridge and Dr Chris Phillips of I.C.
	There is a registration fee of =A330 which includes tea/coffee/buffet lunch
	and evening reception;  =A310 fee for registered students (with written
	statement from supervisor).
	=46urther details and registration slips are available from Mrs Betty Sayers=
	CPS, Depts of Chemistry and Biochem., Imperial College, London SW7 2AY.
	Phone:  071 594 5786;  Fax:  071 594 5812;  E.Mail:  g.porter at ic.ac.ukl

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