cell type-specific transcription of retrotransposons?

Bernhard Seehaus dh30 at pop.th-darmstadt.de
Wed Jul 6 06:30:00 EST 1994

Dear collegues,

I«m working towards my PhD and doing research on the differentiation of
certain eucaryotic cells -:). After a subtractive cloning step and a
following differentiel hybridzation, I isolated about ten more or less cell
type-specific cDNA clones.
One clone examined by northern blot and pcr showed strikingly high
Comparison with databases (genbank and swissprot) (for me) surprisingly
shows very high homology to orf1 of the human LINE-1 sequence, and the
determined length of the transcript also fits.

Is anybody out there who has any idea about that? Especially if there are
any examples of cell type-specific transcription of retrotransposons?

Any help is appreciated, thanx in advance


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