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Jose Roberto M C da Silva jrmcdsil at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Wed Jul 6 07:42:11 EST 1994

I would like to enjoy this group.

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On 26 Jun 1994, Jonathan Grobe wrote:

> (This is a reposting of the RFD in additional groups.)
> This is a formal Request for Discussion (RFD) to create the proposed
> unmoderated group soc.history.science.
> soc.history.science will discuss the history of science in the broad sens=
> including the history of the physical sciences, history of the biological=
> sciences, history of the social sciences, history of medicine, history of
> technology, history of mathematics, philosophy of science, and related=20
> areas.
> soc.history.science is needed because currently discussion is spread out
> over several mailing lists as well as a large number of newsgroups with=
> only an occasional posting.                                =20
> Please repost this RFD to other mailing lists and newsgroups that I have
> missed.
> Some individuals would prefer that the group be in the sci.* hierarchy.=
> It is placed in soc.* on the advice of group-advice.
> All discussion should be directed to news.groups. If you have an interest
> in this newsgroup please make it known. Discussion will continue
> for 21-30 days at which time a Call for Votes (CFV) will be held--
> assuming the proposal receives generally positive comment. To pass the
> proposal must receive 100 more Yes votes than No votes and at least
> two thirds of the votes must be positive.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------=
> Jonathan Grobe  grobe at ins.infonet.net

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