REQUEST: arthropod sensitivity to CO2

Ajit Chaudhari ajpodge at
Thu Jul 7 18:22:55 EST 1994

Hello bio people out there!

I have been searching for information on the sensitivity of arthropods to
CO2.  I have seen articles on insects who use the CO2 gradient to find
growing plant tissue or decomposing organic matter, as well as that of
social insects such as termites sensing the elevated CO2 conc. in the nest
which inhibits part of their olfactory sensitivity.  But I'm looking for
CO2 affecting the behavior of detritivores especially as pertaining to
elevated atmospheric CO2.

For example, do any detritivores use the differing night/day CO2 conc. to
know when to come aboveground and forage?  Are there any other instances of
ambient CO2 affecting the foraging, feeding, or other behaviors of these
arthropods?  If so, are they sensitive enough to be thrown off by elevated
CO2 as projected by human fossil fuel burning and other actions?

This is my first posting, so I apologize for any mistakes in etiquette I
have made!  Thanks for your help!

Ajit Chaudhari, Stanford University, Biological Sciences
(415) 725-1858
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