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Mark Strom strom at u.washington.edu
Fri Jul 8 17:41:36 EST 1994

harper at finsun.csc.fi (Robert Harper) writes:

>In <2viuad$b20 at pobox.csc.fi> harper at convex.csc.FI (Rob Harper) writes:

>>URL http://shamrock.csc.fi:81/cgi-bin/topbio
>>URL http://shamrock.csc.fi:81/cgi-bin/altbio

>I forgot to mention that LYNX MacWeb and WinMosaic clients all have 
>troubles one way or another with topbio or altbio. It seems that
>only true blue Mosaic does the job properly.

It does seem to work with the latest MacMosaic 2.0(alpha2) version.  
Looks like fun.

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