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Robert Harper harper at finsun.csc.fi
Fri Jul 8 03:46:58 EST 1994

In <2viuad$b20 at pobox.csc.fi> harper at convex.csc.FI (Rob Harper) writes:

>URL http://shamrock.csc.fi:81/cgi-bin/topbio
>URL http://shamrock.csc.fi:81/cgi-bin/altbio

I forgot to mention that LYNX MacWeb and WinMosaic clients all have 
troubles one way or another with topbio or altbio. It seems that
only true blue Mosaic does the job properly.

So perhaps the lists are not so democratic as I thought since the
contributors come from that "xwindows elite" who use Mosaic:-)

Rob "xwindows" Harper

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