pinocitosis in fish intestine

Francisco Javier H Blazquez fjhblazq at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Sat Jul 9 12:58:44 EST 1994

We are studying the absorption of macromolecules (proteins) by the 
intestinal cells of a freshwater fish (Prochilodus scrofa). 
We are using ferritin as an eletron microscopic and optical 
microscope marker and it can be observede in the enterocytes of the fish.
When we tried to isolate the intestine and added ferritin to Eagle's medium
where a isolated segment was incubated for 5 hours we fail to observe 
ferritin absorption by the enterocytes. The literature reports some 
insucess like this one. The time employed permits observations when this 
ferritin is given by oral route. Why isolated intestine don't phagocytes 
macromolecules? I think that problably some hormones are needed.
May someone helps us?

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