Nutritional Biochemistry: any information please??

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Tue Jul 12 17:28:23 EST 1994


I am posting this request on behalf of a friend of mine who has recently come
to the United States (on a permanent basis) who is trying to find out the best
way to get involved in the nutritional biochemistry community in this country.

I, not being at all related to her field, could offer no advice. However -- to
my dismay, I noticed that there is absolutely nothing out on the net about, or
related to, biochemistry, no to speak about nutritional biochemistry. Perhaps
I am looking in the wrong places -- could anyone please suggest where I should
be searching for information?

I am searching for information as to publication titles, names of prominent
members of the community, short descriptions of the main research thrusts of
some of the most well-known biochem. community members, and possibly a listing
of (a) universities which support a biochemistry program at a high standard
(in the US), and (b) pharmaceutical or other companies which are highly
involved in nutritional biochemistry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE send responses to my e-mail
address, not to this newsgroup. I will gladly summarize responses if there
is enough interest.

Thank you.

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