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Thu Jul 7 18:12:14 EST 1994

Hi. This is undoubtedly the wrong place for this, but I am not a doctor so I 
don't know what the right place is.

I have a number of allergies and I wanted to get a test done to determine what 
they are and how severe. A number of methods are available:
(1) blood test
(2) skin test
(3) Vegatest.

My question regards the vegatest. I have read some documentation on it, and I 
don't understand how it could possibly work. It seems to measure the skin 
resistance (a well known technique), but doesn't apply the allergent to the 
area being tested. Indead, it doesn't apply it to the body at all. It places 
the allergent in an electrical circuit with the body and measures the "stress" 
this gives the body. I don't understand how an allergent could possibly react 
with the body if the only interaction it has with it is through an electrical 

Has anybody out there used it/seen it used. Does it work? Is it all garbage? 
Can anybody explain why it might work? Is this all a con job?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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