Call for Papers

cliff cliff at
Wed Jul 13 09:56:13 EST 1994


You are cordially invited to submit interesting, well-written
articles for the "Chaos and Graphics Section" of the international
journal Computers and Graphics (Pergamon Press).  I edit this section
which appears in each issue of the journal.  Topics include the
mathematical, scientific, and artistic application of fractals, chaos,
and related.  Your papers can be quite short if desired, for example,
often a page or two is sufficient to convey an idea and a pretty
graphic.  The journal is peer-reviewed.  I publish color, where
appropriate.  Send papers to Dr. Cliff Pickover, IBM Watson Research
Center, Yorktown Heights, New York 10598.
Thanks, Cliff  cliff at
   The goal of my section is to provide visual demonstrations of
complicated and beautiful structures which can arise in systems based on
simple rules.  The section presents papers on the seemingly paradoxical
combinations of randomness and structure in systems of mathematical,
physical, biological, electrical, chemical, and artistic interest.
Topics include:  iteration, cellular automata, bifurcation maps,
fractals, dynamical systems, patterns of nature created from simple
rules, and aesthetic graphics drawn from the universe of mathematics and

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