Eating grasshoppers---any entomologists or anyone have any info??

James Mahaffy mahaffy at
Wed Jul 13 11:05:22 EST 1994

Adrian Riskin (riskin at wrote:
: Does anyone know of any information on eating grasshoppers?  In particular,
: which types are good to eat, how does one cook them, can they be eaten raw,
: etc.

: some entomology newsgroups, because I know that some entomologists are in
: favor of bug eating, but I couldn't find any.  

There are a couple of good lists. One is entomo-l at I assume
you would subscribe by writing listserv at the same address. I am not
sure of how to subscribe but the list is there and active. 

In response to Adrian's question and some of the responses.  I grew up
in Eritrea (East Africa) and the migratory locust were eaten over
there.  You did, however, have to pull off the head and digestive tract
(which is bitter - why Americans try and chocolate cover their insects
that have intestines in).  If I recall right, they were fried. The
locusts could then stored almost indefinitely and were a great snack. It
is also my impression that not all locusts or grasshoppers are edible so
be sure you are eating the right ones.
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