Eating grasshoppers---any entomologists or anyone have any info??

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Wed Jul 13 07:23:24 EST 1994

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>Does anyone know of any information on eating grasshoppers?  In
>which types are good to eat, how does one cook them, can they be eaten
>Thanks, Adrian.

The recipe I have tried in the past is pretty simple:

1. Put the hoppers on a diet, first -- a few days with nothing but a
    cornmeal and water. Presumably, they will take on the flavor of
whatever they
    eat,  also desirable to flush out the gut a bit.

2. Fry them in butter. If you aren't too thrilled at the idea of eating
these things in
    the first place, use lots of garlic and salt, too. (just like
escargot -- overwhelm the
    meat with the condiments).

3. Pick off the legs (they get caught between your teeth, ugh) and eat.

I've also heard that they are good if salted and sun-dried, but I haven't
tried them that way.

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