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>Ceratium is a dinoflagellate which is sometimes responsible for red tides.
>(ie. those that kill marine life through associated toxins)
>Class: Phytomastigophorea Order: Dinoflagellida Family: Peridiniidae
>Eudorina belongs to the Phylum Sarcomastigophora
>Class: Phytomastigophorea, Order: Volvocida. Genus: Eudorina.
>(it is a freshwater phytoflagellate similar to Volvox)
This is from the zoologists point of view where all unicellular
flagellates are grouped into the same class.  To the Botanist or
Protistologist both are in Kingdom Plantae:

Ceratium is in Division Pyrrhophyta, Order Gonyaulacales.

Eudorina is in Division Chlorophyta, Order Volvocales.

"Introduction to the Algae"  by Harold Bold and Micheal Wynne would
be a good starting book for phylogenetic information of these and
other phytoplankton. (make sure you read the SECOND edition only)
There are also many good ecology books such as Round or Wood.

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