Gentic "Fingerprinting" question

Brad Wallace brad at
Thu Jul 14 12:17:31 EST 1994

G'day All,

	I've got a few questions about genetic "fingerprinting", but
don't know where to ask. The questions concern the process of
comparing two genetic samples to see if they match. Specifically - how is the
comparison made? Are the two "fingerprints" digitized somehow, and if
not - why not? Is the comparison done visually, or are there some
statistics involved? Are there some sort of instrumental
effects in the "fingerprints", and if so, how are they either
removed or taken into account?
	Please forgive if this isthe wrong place to ask. I am
an astronomy student and know almost nothing about biology, but
the "fingerprints" remind me a lot of stellar spectra, which I know
at least a little about, and I got curious.
	Thanks for any help.

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