RNA Editing: An Evolving Mechanism of Gene Regulation

Natisha Kling nkli_ltd at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
Fri Jul 15 14:54:56 EST 1994

Announcing the First International Meeting Focusing on RNA Editing:

RNA Editing: An Evolving Process, meeting to be held 10/6/94-10/9/94 at the
Rensselaerville Conference Center located 27 miles southwest of Albany, New
York.  Persons interested in submitting an abstract (for one of two poster
seesions), attending the meeting or wanting more information should contact 
Dr. Harold C. Smith, Department of Pathology BOX 626, University of Rochester,
Rochester, NY 14642, phone # (716) 275-1882, FAX (716) 273-1027. 

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