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: >my boss gave me a nice topic for a literature seminar: "apoptosis / molecular
: >markers". could anybody give me some pointers to a nice and recent
: >review, or be helpful in any other way ?
: >
: >thanks, clemens
: >.
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: that covers only about 4000 articles.  For definitions of cell death
: look up papers by me, P.G. Clarke, A. Wyllie, H. R. Horvitz (Ann Rev
: cell biol) etc.  for genes active in cell death, none of which has
: been proven unique, try H.R. Horvitz & J. Yuan, H. Steller (recent
: in Dev. Biol.) M. Tenniswood.  For oncogenes such as bcl2, try
: S.J. Korsmeyer, DE Bredesen, S. Lowe, G. Nunez.  Extracellular
: control:  M. Raff, DR Green, R. Pittman.  Metabolism:  Pittman &
: A. Tolkovsky.  Genes related to immune system, Peter Krammer, G.
: Evan; other neural stories:  E. M. Johnson, R. Oppenheim, J. Truman,
: M. Chalfie.  Transglutaminase:  L. Fesus, P. Davies, M. Piacentini.
: Development and embryology:  Z. Zakeri, T. Knudsen, P. Chambon.
: Apoptosis & aids:  L. Montagnier, M. Piacentini.  DNAse:  A.
: CDWyllie, F. Oberhammer, W. Bursch. There have been many reviews
: in major journals (Ann Revs) and Trends in Genetics, & Trends in
: cell biol.  Check out references to end labeling (in situ, TUNEL
: technique for DNA markers.  Otherwise, morphology is perhaps the
: best marker.  Protein synthesis characterizes programmed cell death.
: No specific gene marks it.  There are several meetings per year
: on it, and there will be a Gordon Conf. next year.  Also, I tried
: to move discussions of apoptosis to cell biology, but there is more
: action at bionet.molbiol.ageing.
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