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Mon Jul 18 06:56:58 EST 1994

Matthias Zeiner (mzei at wrote:
: On Fri, 15 Jul 1994 18:57:37 GMT, Thomas Donnelly wrote:

: "innocent" -?   hahahahahaha!      Are there really people out there who 
: did not notice that this innocent guy just pretents interest in this 
: pseudoscientific stuff to promote his perverse "anon service". We should 
: keep that kind of crap out of the internet!

It is highly unlikely that the guy who did this posting is the owner of For people who cannot receive Usenet newsgroups via NNTP,
this "perverse anon service" is one of the few possibilities to post to
them anyways. (They can read the responses via gopher.) In addition,
there are several newsgroups where you might prefer an anonymous posting
(I do not only think of, but for example of
 alt.sexual.abuse.recovery). The signature, which you might have mistaken
for an advertisement, is appended automatically to every posting originating

BTW, exists for several years now and has survived at least
one attempt of sueing.


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