bionet.molbio.molluscs/organisms vs. molbio

Dick Vogt vogt at
Mon Jul 18 20:21:11 EST 1994

>Please note that this name was requested instead of
>bionet.organisms.molluscs because of a desire to limit the discussion
>to mollusc DNA research and not confuse the group with another more
>general mollusc LISTSERV.

I comment only because of being partly responsible for creating a 
newsgroup with the name organism in it: bionet.organism.zebrafish.  I 
guess the point was to use organism to cluster the "model system" 
organisms together.  Probably unnecessary, given the relatively few 
bionet newsgroups.  Creating more sub-subgroups (even our "creation") does 
seem kind of redundant.  I expect most of the zebrafish chat will be of a 
molecular biological or cell biological nature.  If you feel the need to 
limit your chat to molbio stuff, why not at least reverse the order: 
bionet.molluscs.molbio.  Otherwise, molluscs becomes a subset of molbio 
which could really set a bizarre precedence.  Otherwise use organism or 
nothing (as all the other organism groups are doing).  Just a thought...
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