differential glycosylation

Dave Dudley dudleyd at aa.wl.com
Tue Jul 19 17:24:05 EST 1994

In article <30etpi$kqt at larry.rice.edu>, (babette schmansky) wrote:

> There are plenty of examples of glycoproteins that _lose_ their activity or
> specificity when they are deglycosylated or expressed in bacteria, but can
> anyone tell me of specific proteins that _change_ their funtion under
> different glycosylation patterns.  For example, a ligand that specifically
> binds one receptor when glycosylated and another when not glycosylated.
> Responses posted to the group would be fine.
> Thanks

I don't know of any specific answers to your query.  But, I'll add another
horn to your dilemma...I work with a membrane receptor for a small peptide.
 This particular receptor appears to have widely varying glycosylation
patterns (and in some cases accounting for up to 75% of the mass of the
beast), yet no apparent difference in binding activity.

Dave Dudley (dudleyd at aa.wl.com)
Parke-Davis/Signal Transduction
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