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James D. Besser jbesser at
Wed Jul 20 08:08:42 EST 1994

I'm an author working on a project that requires some scientific
expertise, and I need some EXPERT help.
Specifically, I have to answer this question: why do genetically
altered/engineered/fiddled with fruits and vegitables taste so bad?
Are they selected for qualities that have nothing to do with taste? Is
there something inherent in the fiddling process that ruins taste? Is it
simply that strains of produce were favored in the past for flavor
reasons, but in the unpalatable present are favored for reasons of
storage, shipment, etc?
I need to know (and to present to readers) the science behind the
answers to this question--but in pretty basic terms.
I will provide full credit in the finished book for any answers I use.
If I use your material, I will also E-mail you the relevant segment so
you can check for accuracy (and make sure I'm not making you look
Please let me know a few bio details I can use to identify you.
Please reply by E-mail; I don't want to clutter up the group with such
basic stuff!
Jim Besser
jbesser at

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