Request: info on ftp sites (esp EMBL)

Rose Marie Woodsmall rose at taos
Wed Jul 20 10:48:56 EST 1994

Tony Nugent (tnugent at wrote:
: I hope this is the correct place to post this. 
: (Apologies if it isn't).

: I'm looking for ftp sites that carry software / sources / databases
: for molecular biology (nucleotides and proteins).

: I am embarking on a programming project involving sequence analysis.

: I _was_ under the impression that EMBL's ftp address was
:, but I get connection timeouts with
: this :-(

: (I'm aware of and

: Any help with this (and help with source code in C++ for such
: a project) would be most appreciated.

: Thank you.

: Cheers
: Tony

Dear Tony,

GenBank is available from the National Center for Biotechnology
Information (NCBI).  Files of the full release and daily updates are
available for anonymous FTP from: (

   The directory names and contents are:

      /genbank = full release in flat-file format, compressed file
      /daily = cumulative update file
      /daily-nc = non-cumulative set of updates
      /ncbi-asn1 = asn.1 format

      For more information:  FTP to the machine:
	                     cd to:    genbank
	                     Look at the README file.

We also have a Software Toolbox that you might find useful.  It is in
the directory '/toolbox'at the same NCBI site.

In addition, there is an excellent list of FTP sites for databases
and software for molecular biologists compiled by Amos Bairoch and
available, by anonymous FTP, on the following server: (

The file is called 'serv_ftp.txt' and is located in the directory:


Best regards,
Rose M. Woodsmall
GenBank User Services


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