DISCUSSION of MOLLUSCS/bionet.molbio.molluscs

Eric Cabot ecec at quads.uchicago.edu
Thu Jul 21 11:44:21 EST 1994

In a previous message Una Smith wrote:
>How much traffic does it get?  A Usenet newsgroup will go to tens of thousands
>of sites;  is there real potential for tens of thousands of readers?
>Perhaps this mailing list should stay a mailing list. 

To which I am in total agreement. I've been receiving the m-m-news 
since its inception and I'm not convinced that the current volume is
sufficient to justify  the creation of a bionet group at this time.

Alternatively, I suppose that being a bionet group is great advertising and
could result in more activity.  However, considering the lack of any
great surge in activity  in bionet.protista and bionet.parasitology
after their creation, I have my doubts about that too!

Finally we come to the point of using the bionet mechanism to
provide an archive for m-m-news, which certainly would be of value. 
To which Una responded:
>The archiving of traffic doesn't depend on being a Usenet newsgroup.

Which is quite correct. Furthermore, the bionet archives that I've
encountered haven't seemed so wonderful.  

So in the absence of more positive arguments, I doubt  that this
m-m-news subscriber would be willing to vote "yes" to bionet.{molbio|molluscs}
when the time comes.

-Eric Cabot
  elmo at helix.nih.gov

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