Wanted : GRASP - Molecular Surfaces.

Stefan Grzybek grzybek at sun2.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Fri Jul 22 00:37:45 EST 1994

pjg1 at ukc.ac.uk (P.J.Gane) writes:

>Wanted : GRASP

>But seriously, I'm looking for the Molecular Surface Display
>program GRASP.

>I think it is produced by Nicholls, Sharp & Honig, but b4 I
>contact the authors I wondered if it's available by anon ftp,

There is only a demo version available via anon ftp. It can be
obtained from The non-demo version can be also
obtained from this address, but you have first to contact the
authors for a licence (nicholls at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.EDU).

>I have an Indigo2, so an SG version is required. Does it work
>on a PC as well???

As far as I know, GRASP works only on SGI machines, since it uses
the SGI graphics capabilities. There is no other platform supported.

>Many thanks for your help,

>Paul J. Gane,   University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.

Best regards,
S. Grzybek
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