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Ramesh Errabolu errabolu at maxwell.mayo.edu
Fri Jul 22 12:58:50 EST 1994

Hai to everyone on the net.

I am considering to go to medical school and therefore have this question
to all those who wish to respond.

What is the driving reason to consider going to medical school
Is it simply put it the fascination of helping people in pain.
Is it economic because one gets a well paying job at the end of
Is it simply a choice because the field is so resistant to unemployment.
Is it simply an academic challenge.

I would like to know what else could be a reason for one to consider to
go to medical school.

For all practical purposes it is clear that one would never have the
complete understanding of human system. If the curiosity is to understand
that Graduate programs in biomedical sciences are more rewarding.

Your opinion and ideas are solicited. Thanks.

The mail address is errabolu at mayo.edu

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