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Mr Neville Steven Percy spbcnsp at ucl.ac.uk
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>Just a note to see if anyone else has noticed any unfortunate coincidence 
>between the recent "We're in Trouble . . ." thread and the "Theta Waves"
>thread. Just when we're all whingeing about how the general public doesn't
>understand us or mistrusts us, someone innocently requests some unusual
>information and BANG - FLAME WAR. 


>Therefore, it's not really pleasant for us to jump down someone's neck just 
>because they have made an honest mistake, as a result of them not having the 
>same training. 

(Nods vigorously)
I think the very fact that someone posts their enquiry here means they're not 
all bad -- plenty of those enamoured by the pseudosciences _know_ they're 
ridiculed by the scientific establishment and don't want our opinions, anyone
posting here is at least being a bit open-minded, which is more than eir 
respondents are!

I am in fact a part of the scientific establishment, and I still think a lot of
it sucks -- closed-mindedness in particular.
Where did people get the idea that science has to already have the monopoly on
something before it will even acknowledge it as worth discussing?  

I recently heard a whole series of radio programmes with interviews with 
scientists; admittedly I felt that the interviewer had her own agenda, but 
she was entirely justified in concluding at the end of the series that most 
churchmen (I think she said "theologians") were considerably more prepared to 
question their own beliefs than most scientists.  Most of the atheist scientists
I know, including the younger me, laugh at those who believe in religious
phenomena unquestioningly -- how much worse these scientists are themselves 
who _disbelieve_ phenomena unquestioningly.

>No wonder the public doesn't trust the scientific community if 
>we condescend and ridicule them for being drawn in by some clever pseudo-
>scientific line. Remember, some of us have been known to make similar mistakes
>in our own fields. 
			...and if we've spent decades denying something before
finally having to acknowledge it, we've only ourselves to blame for any egg on
our faces.

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