Identifying Unknown bacteria

Norman Suguitan suguitan at
Fri Jul 22 20:51:35 EST 1994

I am taking 
a General Microbiology class in a community college and the class has started
the identification of unknown bacteria.  Each of us was given a mixture
of gram positive and gram negative bacteria.  I was able to isolate
both bacteria and has grown a slant and broth.

When I looked at the gram positive bacteria under a microscope, the cell
morphology was clearly coccus, and staphylo in arrangement.  I even asked
some of my classmates to verify the shape and everybody agreed.  
Then I performed some biochemical tests to determine the unknown gram
positive.  Well, I got it wrong.  My teacher said it was a rod gram-positive.
This was shocking, and almost unbelievable.  Did I and my classmates really
see a cocci bacteria?  The bacteria didn't look rod at all.  If they were
a rod, what could have caused the bacteria to look like a coccus?  Need help.

suguitan at

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