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Sat Jul 23 15:56:46 EST 1994

In article <memo.741123 at> rkjb at (Ken Brown) writes:

>This *is* a chain letter, whether it's legal or not.
>Piss off you money-grubbing bastard.

In article <30osph$450 at> bam at (Bruce Mittleman) writes:

> I did not send the make money fast message so please quit flaming me!
> The one who did it is Avi Freedman, the sysop of
> If you must flame someone, do it to him!  His email is
>freedman at
> I don't know why he sent the message using my account.
>  I am a biologist and would not do such a thing.

In article <30p2i6$8fi at> freedman at (Avi Freedman) writes:

>We are cancelling the posts that came out of our site this afternoon...
>Someone forged articles, appearing to be several of our users.

>Some of the posts listed my name, and Net Access's mailing address.
>Mr. Mittleman was confused and did not realize how easy it is to
>forge news (and mail) postings, although how he thought anyone
>employed by Net Access was involved is beyond me.

As Bruce Mittelman and Avi Freedman (sysop from Net Access) stated above
(unfortunately changing the subject and thus interrupting the thread), they 
are not responsible for this posting which is apparently of faked origin.

I guess we should quit flaming these guys and Net Access ;-)

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