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Mon Jul 25 10:09:02 EST 1994

Tony Nugent (tnugent at wrote:
: rkjb at (Ken Brown) writes:

: >This *is* a chain letter, whether it's legal or not.
: >Piss off you money-grubbing bastard.

: One of the better ways of dealing with this is to
: send multiple copies of his posting back to him...
: anybody got a shell script that can do just that?
: It would overflow his mailbox and probably get him
: into a heap of trouble (and hopefully get his
: net access crunched:) - at least he would get the
: idea that this just is NOT net-ettique.

: <this type of thing is a real mennace>

Except in THIS case you would get the wrong person in trouble.
Apparently someone was using his address.  See the previous posts from
the SysOp. 
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