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Frank Lloyd Jr flloyd at delphi.com
Sun Jul 24 20:45:37 EST 1994

Ramesh Errabolu <errabolu at maxwell.mayo.edu> writes:
>I would like to know what else could be a reason for one to consider to
>go to medical school.
>For all practical purposes it is clear that one would never have the
>complete understanding of human system. If the curiosity is to understand
>that Graduate programs in biomedical sciences are more rewarding.
>Your opinion and ideas are solicited. Thanks.
Peer pressure,family tradition,keep people out of pain etc,etc etc.
To completely understand the human system-medical school is a must-
a start in the right direction-Graduate programs do not allow for
the study of an individual. only through the history and physical
can you begin to build any type of system- then again I could be wrong.
Good luck.(sounds like a budding pathologist)

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