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tivol at tethys.ph.albany.edu tivol at tethys.ph.albany.edu
Mon Jul 25 17:12:25 EST 1994

Dear Tom,
	Thanx for setting me straight about the differences between processing
tomatoes and fresh-market tomatoes.  I had heard about selection criteria
some years ago when I was in Davis CA, and I must have missed the distinction
when this was explained to me.  I also must have eaten a lot of the Sunny
variety tomatoes and the analogously poor-flavored varieties of other fruits
& veggies.  Although the Flavr-Savr (R) underwent nutritional analysis, did 
other, non-engineered tomatoes get compared to home-garden varieties?  There
is the less-acid phenomenon in recent supermarket varieties to explain.


					Bill Tivol

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