Advice on Diet and Exercise

Jonathan W Newton yohan at
Mon Jul 25 21:38:21 EST 1994

Warning:  this are just some very general questions over health.
It is not a technical discussion or query.

I have some basic questions on diet and exercise.  If you could,
please email me a copy of your response, as I don't read this
newsgroup very often:

What are some good books for the average reader, and where are good
places to look for them?  How wary should a person be about books
purchased from commercial bookstores like Waldens?

Has anyone read "The McDougall Program" by John A. McDougall?  It
supports a non-dairy vegetarian diet.  Some issues the books raise
which I am curious about:
      Milk products are bad sources of calcium for the body.  While
      milk has calcium, proteins in milk help leach calcium out of the

      Vegetarian diets help prevent arthritis.
      Today, we are really in poorer health, because of the
      accessability of meat to the general public, despite advances in
      health care.
(This is second-hand information for me, so don't judge the book by
what I'm saying here.  I might be misrepresenting it.)  From some of
the arguements I have seen made by McDougal, it appears he is apt at
playing with statistics (something he warns his readers of).

What are good exercises for people in their 40s and 50s, especially in
the case of joint problems and not being used to much exercise?  Any
recomendations on sources or techniques for low impact aerobic

Which is more important:  aerobic exercise or good diet.  Sure, their
both good, but which is the most important to focus on?  Does this
depend somewhat on age?

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