Fruit and Veggie Flavor

Jimkoch jlk9 at
Tue Jul 26 08:01:46 EST 1994

While at Davis, I worked on tomato fruit ripening.  What Tom Bjorkman said 
about the breeding was true.  If I go to the supermarket, I go to the roma 
tomatoes - or any pear shaped processing type.  Most breeders do not even 
look at soluble solids [sugars, organic acids, flavanoids] that give the 
fruit their flavor.  Processing tomatoes are also less messy because the 
jelly does not squirt all over the place.  When I started my PhD, I was able 
to browse through the fields in Davis and pick out the best tasting tomatoes 
to start my work [UC82B, marketed by a major seed company now, forget the 
name].  I am astonished by the way some of the food crops get into the 
market by comparison to bad varieties, the standard fresh-market tomato is 
Rutgers, Ugh!!!  The fruit is not uniform, the vine is a mess, and it is not 
resistant to the most common pests, yet we are required to work with it 
because it is the standard for comparison.

jim koch

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