Differential Display

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Mon Jul 25 19:40:17 EST 1994

yd128 at albnyvms.bitnet wrote:
: Hello everyone:  I am working on differential display.  On the gel, I do see some specific bands.  After cut these bands, reamplified by PCR, I did Northern Blot using the PCR rpoducts as probe.  However, I have not getten any positive bands in Northern
 Blot.  Does anybody work use differential display?  What is the possibility of false positive?  Any suggestion.  e-mail to yd128 at albanyvms.   
: Thanks.  

Hi, you can definately get false positives. In fact 1/3 of the bands I 
reamplified failed to hybridize, but I did a reverse Northern (ie probe 
hot cDNA onto a blot of the reamplified fragments. Yet I would not call 
these false positives. The message level may simply be below the 
detection limit of the blot. Others here at Davis also find that a large 
number of fragments fail to hybridize.

Mike Cooley mbcooley at ucdavis.ucdavis.edu

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