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Tue Jul 26 16:35:46 EST 1994

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Tony Nugent <tnugent at> wrote:
>rkjb at (Ken Brown) writes:
  >>This *is* a chain letter, whether it's legal or not.
  >>Piss off you money-grubbing bastard.
  >One of the better ways of dealing with this is to
  >send multiple copies of his posting back to him...
  >anybody got a shell script that can do just that?
  >It would overflow his mailbox and probably get him
  >into a heap of trouble (and hopefully get his
  >net access crunched:) - at least he would get the
  >idea that this just is NOT net-ettique.
  ><this type of thing is a real mennace>

The real menace is to act without thinking. Had you bothered to read the
header, you would have seen: 

  Path: ...........!!!bbs
  From: bam at (Bruce Mittleman)
  Originator: bbs at

It was forged at by bbs under the login name of bam.


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