Fights Between Postdoc's & Mentors

Thu Jul 28 07:27:35 EST 1994

I'm afraid that as long as the competition for grants remains fierce,
there will always be a high potential for this type of thing to happen.
The only way to alleviate the situation is to convince the government to
increase it's funding for grants.  That way, scientists won't feel as 
though they have to be first author on a paper every six months or so
in order to qualify for the funding that is available.  Unfortunatley, I don't
see this happening.

On another note, principle investigators ought to learn how to treat
their post-docs and grad. students with alittle moe more respect.  On
the average, they usually treated like a from of slave labor that has
no rights in the eyes of their mentors.  This attitude has alweys 
disgusted me.  Ofg course, this is my own personnal experience and
may not be the case for everyone.

Hery(henry) putz
Sr. Research Scientist
Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceuticals

*No disclaimer because I don't care whose opinion you think this is.

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