reptiles/amphibians and human medicine

KNUNAN knunan at
Thu Jul 28 06:39:02 EST 1994

I just finished reading an extremely interesting new book called "Medical
Herpetology" by Grenard. It is published by NG Publishing, RD3, Box 3709A,
Pottsville, PA 17901. It is 19.95+2.50 postage.  This book covers a
of subjects, reviewing the latest literature on zoonotic diseases in
plus it covers substances such as magainins and other peptides derived
all types of amphibians & reptiles and their application in human medicine
as therapeutics or ,diagnostics. It also covers snakebite venoms,
and chemistry of snakebitge plus mhas thye latest first aid and medical
treatment of snakebite envenomation.  I couldn't believe how much hard 
data and info the author packed into 140 two-column pages. I recommend 
this book to anyone interested in almost any aspect of reptiles and
amphibians plus peop-le needing solid reasons for conserve their
This book gives a multitude of such reasons.  knunan 

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